Classes are structured for you to build strength and flexibilty progressively and at your own pace. There is a emphasis on technique and it is encouraged that you stay in a level until you can safely and correctly perform all movements included in the curriculum. It is recommended to repeat all levels.

First timers start here. Don’t be shy! Get ready to spin, climb and slide. We will focus on basic technique to help build your strength in order to perform a basic routine by week 8. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED
$2201hr sessions | 8wk duration
Now you have learnt the basics we can move on to intermediate 1. Lets step it up, but not too much! We will advance the beginner moves and it’s time to get upside down!
$2201hr sessions | 8wk duration
Lets get hanging! Time to squeeze those muscles and learn tricky leg hangs and lay backs. Slightly harder spins and a fast paced routine at this level. Now your hooked!
$2201hr sessions | 8wk duration
You’re full of confidence and we can step it up. With an emphasis on technique, we will have you doing more complex combo’s and a lengthy routine to get your heart going.
$2201hr sessions | 8wk duration
If your in this class your upside down, spinning around and LOVING IT! More challenging combo’s and strength moves here. Determination is a must!
$2201hr sessions | 8wk duration
Time to get ready for Advanced. Work on and master all the required techniques to conquer the advanced levels and learn some new great skills. Two classes a week are highly recommended from here up.
$2001hr sessions | 8wk duration
Ok, now we’re getting serious. If you’ve made it this far, monkey is your middle name. Physically demanding, these moves need practice. No pain, no gain.
$2001hr sessions | 8wk duration
You’re ready to go pro! This course requires great a great deal of core and upper body strength. Moves and combo’s are complex but rewarding.The two highest levels of class. 2 classes a week as a minimum is recommended. Not for the faint hearted.
$2001hr sessions | 8wk duration
A danced based class straight from NYC. This class works on fluidity and pole flow on static pole with an emphasis on creativity and exploration of movement. We will help you to develop your own style by experimenting with different styles of movement and creative freestyle practice.
$2201hr sessions | 8wk duration
A heels based dance class for those wanting to work on exotic style movement around the pole rather than tricks. A class for all levels.
$2201hr sessions | 8wk duration
Taught by our flexibility experts. Master those splits, kicks and bends in this class purely focused on increasing flexibility and achieving your maximum range. Highly recommended for all levels.
$201hr session | Casual Visit
$1301hr sessions | 8wk duration (Must be used as a full term)
Not sure if you want to do pole dancing or unable to commit to a full term? Come along to our come and try class .Beginner level, this class teaches moves only for you give pole dancing a try. Bookings are essential.
$201hr session | Casual Visit
TRICKS and SPLITS classes are designed to work on core tricks included in the curriculum, as well as work on new moves and splits flexibility without the pressure of routines. Want to learn a particular move? No problem! Ask your teacher and we can get you started according to level. A great class to go to as a second class as well as if you are stuck on some particular moves.Tricks and splits is now offered at four levels. $2201hr sessions | 8wk duration
$301 hr session | Casual

Terms and Conditions

All classes include an extensive warm up and cool down, including strength building and flexibility movements designed to assist with course curriculum. All students are expected to attend both the warm up and cool down aspects of class.

A $50 deposit is required to make a booking on all 4 and 8 week courses and is non transferable or refundable. All gift certificates and classes are non refundable and must be used within the given time period.

If you are under 18 a parent or guardian will need to come to your first class to sign your permission form. Minimum age is 15

A strength class focusing on pole specific exercises. Structured by Carlie a certificate holder of cert 3 and 4 in fitness, watch out if she catches you slacking off! Focused on increasing strength and agility for those more difficult tricks, this class is also great for those just wanting to get fit. Non pole students welcome.
$201hr session | Casual Visit
$1301hr sessions | 8wk duration(Must be used as a full term)
Want some one on one time with your favourite instructor?  Perhaps you just prefer private lessons rather than a group class? Book a one on one or share the lesson with a friend Prices start at $85.
$85Single ( 1 person) | 1hr sessions$150Shared ( 2 people) | 1hr sessions