What should I wear to a Beginners class?

Aerials Leggings or long tight pants and a singlet or t-shirt. Socks are required on the mats.
Pole Shorts are ideal but any pant you can roll up past the knee in Beginners will work. A singlet, t-shirt or crop on top and a pair of socks. As you progress more skin is required for grip. Most people don’t wear heels in Beginners but you are welcome to wear heels anytime.
Dance Anything you feel comfortable in and can comfortably move in such as leggings, trackpants or shorts. Knee Pads are highly recommended for dance classes and can generally be purchased at the studio. Heels are recommended for Heels classes but ifyou don’t have heels then socks are a must.

Do I need to be fit to start pole or aerial fitness?

Absolutely not! Our Beginner Pole and Aerial classes are designed for the absolute Beginner. We firmly believe that anyone can give it a go and consistency is the key to getting stronger. Our instructors will guide you through the courses and give you tips that will help you get the most out of the courses.

What if I miss a class or can’t attend because I’m going on holiday?

Classes come with unlimited make ups provided you give us more than 8 hours notice when you cancel out of a class. Make up credits and casual classes are available from week 2- 8 of each semester. Just click “Cancel” on the weeks you can’t attend and the system will return the class credits to you to be used at another class time.

What if there’s no space in my level for a make up class?

Make up classes can be used in any class across the timetable that is available for your skill level, subject to availability. This includes all open level specialty classes. Although we give you unlimited make ups we cannot guarantee spots in suitable classes so we recommend attending as many classes as you can in your secured timeslot.

Terms and Conditions

Pre-paid Packages

Classes are paid in full on purchase.

Packs are non transferable to the following term and are non refundable.

Classes may be transferred to a new class within the same price point, subject to availability at any time within the same term.

Class packs have unlimited make up credits. Make up credits are applied back to the customers account upon notification of online non attendance ONLY when notified before the cut off time period specified (8 hours). Any late cancels result in loss of class credit.

All semester, class credits and make up credits expire at the end of each 8 week term.

Pole, Aerial and Dance classes are progressive and are designed to be taken in 8 week terms.